Alternatives to dollars... consider putting some of your wealth in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

Consider This:
When a country prints more of their currency, the result is inflation or even hyperinflation. 
It is exactly the same as a stock dilution.

Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador... a few countries that have expericenced hyperinflation in the last 100 years. Hyperinflation is actually quite common. At some point, it will occur AGAIN in the United States (yes it has occurred in the U.S. in the past).



MoneyDecisions101 => USB Hub for Bitcoin ASICMiners

USB Hub for Bitcoin ASICMiner Block Eruptor

I currently use 3 different USB Hubs for Bitcoin mining with USB ASICMiner Block Erupters. Like everyone else, I did not know which usb hub would be compatible or the best. So, I have tried the most common ones with success. Please note that I do use Arctic Breeze fans on all my hubs, to keep the block eruptor miners and the hub themselves cool.

Aitech 10 Port Hub

The best hub I own is the Aitech 10 Port USB hub, hands down. It has a on/off button, and the housing is made of aluminum. It seems to stay cooler and dissapate heat better. Feels very durable and well built.

Anker 9/10 Port Hub
I had a few LEDs go out on my Anker 9/10 port hub. Please note that even though this is a 10 port hub, you can only use 9 ports! One port is a "charging" port, used to charge things such as cell phones through a usb port. The charging port only supplies power and does NOT communicate to the PC. Anyway, this hub looks good, seems cheaply made (plastic housing), but it works.

Generic 10 Port Hub
This hub seems to work fine right now. It feels cheaply made and has a plastic housing. I am only running 8 ASICMiners on it currently. Also, I replaced the wimpy factory 5V 2A power adaptor, with a 5V 4A adaptor just to be safe. I did not want to overload the USB port on the PC or damage my ASICMiners. So far, it is the most cost effective way to run up to 8 Bitcoin ASCIMiners. 

Hub Picture Usable Ports Amperage Price Comment
Aitech USB 3.0 10 Ports HUB with 12V4A Power Adapter aitech 10 port bitcoin usb hub  10 4.0 A $62.99 Has power on/off button. Aluminum housing.
Anker USB 3.0 9-Port Hub + 5V 2.1A Charging Port anker 10 port bitcoin usb hub 9 5.0 A $59.99 Very small size, plastic housing.
2 LEDs quit working
Generic 10 Port USB 2.0 Hub generic 10 port bitcoin usb hub 9 4.0 A* $5.77 hub

$17.80 power adaptor

5V 4A Power Adapter to use with this hub to be safe.

Plastic housing.

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